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Description: We accept credit cards, Pay Pal, and Echecks



Tee Shirts

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Tee Shirts available in Large and Extra Large $10.00 each.



Bakersfield Picks



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Sold Out for now! The search is over!!!!- Sold Out

 If you've been searching for the elusive Bakersfield picks, we now have them available here.   The Cult Classic Pick is now available for immediate shipment. This is original pick using all original dyes and tooling from this legendary pick manufacturer.
.60mm black made of Dupont zytel.

This is the only guitar pick used by the guitarist for Johnny Philko!  

Minimum 100 pcs. per order.  $1.00 each
(White currently out of stock.)




Description: It's a PhilkoStein

A Johnny PhilkoStein

Click on image to order!


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It's time to Rock!!

Click on image to order!



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Tag Holder

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Bumper Stickers




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Show your true colors!



Only $1.00 each!



The Johnny Philko DVD  

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This is the only place available to get the Johnny Philko DVD!


Only $5.00 each.








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JP Sweatshirts

Click on images to order!


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JP Jerseys

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One for the Ladies!

Click on image to order!

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JP Mousepads!

Click on image to order!

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Description: We accept credit cards, Pay Pal, and Echecks





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